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Tie One On Fabric Bundle

8pc Fat Quarter bundle of Tie One On by Scott Hansen for Banyan Batiks

Scott Hansen is known for his eclectic style and his unique color sense. His first fabric collection, Tie One On for Northcott Fabrics’ new Banyan Batiks line, is an eclectic color celebration. Scott set out to create a daringly different batik collection and he’s definitely achieved this with Tie One On! This unique batik collection is simply stunning with interesting geometric tjaps and a vintage vibe.

Scott says that Tie One On is the story of David Kingsley Morris, a fictional character created from a conglomeration of the names of three of Scott’s closest college friends: Dave, Matt and Nate. David Kingsley Morrisis a young fashion fabric designer who lives in a small New York City loft. He grew up in California, went to college in Arizona, and visited his grandparents in Tennessee every summer since he was six. He has loved color and form for as long as he can remember. Nothing delights him as much as noticing or even contemplating a new color combination or the intersections of lines on the sidewalk. Living in cities most of his life, but spending many a day, week, month on his grandparents’ farm or among the Red Rocks near his alma mater, David brought a world full of colors and designs with him to New York City.